I love this, just in time for the State Fair, a new way to eat corn on the cob surfaces. Dare we call it revolutionary? The main idea behind it is to help avoid getting those nasty kernels stuck in your teeth. Being that we're at the State Fair and toothpicks are kind of hard to come by, this is certainly worth trying.

The secret behind this method was revealed to us on @alovesun’s tweet. First by eating a vertical row of kernels with your teeth (or you can pick it out with your fingers) to create some space. Then place your thumb over the next row of kernels and add pressure to it, pushing it toward the empty row. And just like magic, the entire row of kernels dislodges, leaving no stubborn corn residue behind!

People On Twitter Are Freaking Out About This Amazing Corn Hack

We've been struggling with teeth for no reason all this time.

Posted by BuzzFeed IRL on Wednesday, July 19, 2017