Would You Try This Peeps-Infused Glitter Beer?

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Come “Peep This Collab” tonight in the Taproom at 6 p.m.! Our peep-inspired beer brewed with our friends @tapsandcaps, this lemon vanilla sour brewed with butterfly pea flower and sparkled up with edible glitter, is the perfect accompaniment to your Easter weekend. . . . #Easter #PeepBeer #Glitter #TheCollectiveBrewingProject #FortWorthFunkhouse #Fun #Friday

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If Cadbury eggs and jelly beans aren't enough for you on Sunday, try this super festive Peeps-infused glitter beer. 

Yes, one brewery has figured out how to one-up the new trendy glitter beer by infusing 30 boxes of marshmallow Peeps into its glitter beer, via Elite Daily. It's the Collective Brewing Project's baby called "Peep This Collab."

Unfortunately, Minnesotans won't get to try it unless they're going to be in Texas for Easter where multiple breweries will have it on tap this weekend. That doesn't mean you can't make an Easter Peeps "hot dish," aka fancy Minnesota s'mores dip, this weekend. 

VIDEO: How to Make This Easter Peeps Dessert Hot Dish
VIDEO: How to Make This Easter Peeps Dessert Hot Dish
Welcome this delicious, marshmallow-y dessert to your list of Minnesota Easter traditions.


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