I, like many, had at least some of my childhood shaped by The Goonies. Heck, I still love it and get glued to the TV anytime it comes on. I think that, simply enough, makes me a Goonies purist. SO, of course I'm skeptical of a sequel. Yes, 30 years later a sequel to the story about a rag tag batch of childish adventurers is apparently in the works. And, this is according to the maker of the original Goonies film, Richard Donner (I think we can trust him).

Now, the good stuff. According to Donner, none other than Steven Spielberg has written the sequel. THAT right there is enough to get me on board and excited. You can read more, from one of the places I found this story, here.

Thinking about a sequel got me all nostalgic. SO, I found one of my favorite scenes AND I found something I didn't know even existed. A really cool "unauthorized story of the Goonies". Check'em out! Ahhhh, I miss Chunk. Paul. Love. Chunk.