To me, this is proof it's been WAY too long since the Gopher Men's Hockey team actually won something. Students rioting in Dinkytown after a SEMI-FINAL win. Keep in mind, they haven't won anything yet. They just won the right to go win the National Championship. 
I don't mean to sound all sour and be a fun-killer. I hope they win tomorrow night and clinch a National Championship. I just think rioting is ridiculous and stupid. I've never understood it. Especially given they haven't won anything yet. We, in Minnesota, like to pride ourselves on being a little nicer and, some I think, even think we're better than other parts of the country. This would indicate otherwise. Plus, the Gophers HAVE won some titles. So, let's act like we've been there before baby. Sheesh.
Anyway, here's some coverage of the carnage.