What did Tom Petty say? "The waiting is the hardest part"? Well, waiting for Pearl Jam to hit the Xcel Energy Center is the hardest part of me. SO, I've decided to periodically share some Pearl Jam "live moments" between now and then. To tide us over a bit. I decided to start with one of my VERY favorite PJ deep tracks. 

Sure this performance is at Wrigley Field, which makes it special, but none the less it gives you a peek at what to expect in October. The heart felt dedication of this song to a fan and his late wife, people I'm sure the band have NEVER met, just gives you a glimpse of the relationship between this band and their fans. I am biased, but this band is just different. They are simply one of the crown jewels of our music world. For many of us hardcores, a Pearl Jam show is SO much more than just going and listening to live music for a few hours. I think that is expressed here in this simple video. 

Enjoy "Come Back" (Originally on the "Avocado" album from 2006)