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Norm MacDonald's Perfect Tribute To Robin Williams

Norm MacDonald's Perfect Tribute To Robin Williams
Posted August 13th, 2014 @ 4:03pm

As I laid in my bed watching Good Will Hunting for, what had to be, the 90 bajillionth all felt so new watching it again by the way, not sure why.....anyway.....I struggled to sum up how I was feeling. I knew I was sad, but I never even knew Robin Williams. Yet I feel this massive void. That void was filled throughout the movie with tears, especially during the scene towards the end when he tells Matt Damon's character that it's not his fault. 

Perhaps it took someone who knew him better to come up with the perfect words. I found those words especially touching and very surprising, surprised they came from the mind of Norm MacDonald. Brilliantly written, his twitter composed tribute to the late great Robin Williams......

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