On Thursday, I joined a crew of peeps from our building to go take a tour of the Vikings new Stadium Preview Center, and their new offices in limbo (if you will). 

I have to say, Vikings fans.....you are going to be BLOWN away. Pics don't really do all of this justice, but I snapped a few anyway. 

In my opinion, this new stadium is going to be as much about the game day experience as it is about what's happening on the field. The ameneties will floor you. I know the Dome was old, but even that said the jump forward is going to be light years. 

So, here, enjoy some pics from my tour of the preview center, including a simulated tunnel walk. 

First, when you approach the doors, they have the decal that's on all locker room doors, a message from the boss. Never seen this before.

Then, the tunnel walk. This could be reality, IF you're in the right spot at the new stadium.

There were 2 models. I love this shot. Shows just how big this baby is going to be (About double the size of the Dome, actually probably even a bit bigger than that....you'll see a pic that illustrates this at the end)

You can't really see it, but in the pic above, they actually had functioning "video boards" in the model. Hahaha. Pretty cool.

Yes! There is a plan for hockey games too! I wanna see a hockey game, hands down, no dooot abooot it, eh.

Me and my boy Big D checkin out the video boards inside the stadium model. Good day to wear an Orioles hat, right?

Now, finally, the coolest photo of the day.....remember the Dome? That's about all ya have now are memories, cuz that baby is gone. SO gone. 

NOW, I want to point out 2 important things. #1 - note how TINY a big ole semi-truck looks in the middle of this massive construction zone. #2 - to put it in further perspective, the Dome WAS the left side of this, you can barely see a little wall left. This new structure is going to be hugenormous.