One of my faves.....out of Bowling Green, Kentucky.....Sleeper Agent has a new album coming on March 25th......called "About Last Night". It's their second album. A decidedly more focused and refined sound from their debut, "Celebrasion" (which I loved). I dig "About Last Night" as well, but don't neglect "Celebrasion". 

Out front of the album is an official video for their lead single, "Waves" (There was a lyric video a few weeks ago). This video defies gravity and is loaded with loads of crazy cool visuals, as well as a behind the scenes look at how they shot it all. 

After one watch I had a tough time trying to dissect what the message of the video was, so I went to the source.....the lovely Alex Kandel, said of the video: "I don't know if it has a message. We really set out to create a specific mood and atmosphere. I'm not a fan of videos that try to tell too much of a story. I think they distract from the song. I like videos that make you listen to a song even harder". LOVE that! Right? 

Check out the's pretty wild.....

And, here is that behind the scenes look. Kind of cool to see how everything came together.