I've been in love with this band since first listen. The guys in Cage The Elephant turned me on to this band, hailing from the same hometown of Bowling Green, KY. Their debut album, 'Celebrasion' was a Top 5 album of 2011 in my teeny weeny humble little opinion. 

Now they're back. Their sound has matured and evolved a bit. Meaning they've got a bit more polish, yet they're able to hang on to the kooky quirky beauty that makes them Sleeper Agent.

ESPECIALLY on a snow filled day like today, kick back and take in some "waves".....at least pretend to dip your toes in the sand. 

Sleeper Agent - "Waves"

Thought I'd also include a couple of my faves from the previous album, 'Celebrasion', that I raved about above.

Check out "That's My Baby" acoustic at Tennessee State Prison

And "Proper Taste". This one absolutely rips. I. LOVE. IT.