Huge props to our writing prodigy intern, Cassie, for this write up. I love that Mix (that's what I call him cuz he and I are tight....not really), I love that he calls the night "orchestral movements from the hood night". Everyone loved this song at some point in their life, in some way. For me, the subwoofers in the Pontiac I drove in high school couldn't go loud enough.

Sir Mix-A-Lot joined the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall and it was a party. Dozens of women from the audience joined the rapper on stage for the new orchestral arrangement of “Baby Got Back.” Before the song began he told the audience, "What I want to do now, is something you really should not do, but since tonight is orchestral movements from the 'hood night, I'm going to leave some of this open, if a couple of ladies would like to get up on the stage. We will not bite unless you want us to." The concert was part of the Seattle Symphony’s Sonic Evolution series, which bridges the gap between orchestral music and the work of some of Seattle’s music icons. Gabriel Prokofiev, a London-based composer and grandson of the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, arranged “Baby Got Back” and the 1988 song “Posse on Broadway.”

On his blog Prokofiev explained, “My aim with this new Sir-Mix-A-Lot inspired Orchestral work was to really get inside the musical mind of Sir Mix-A-Lot; to understand how his rhythms, textures, sounds and harmonies worked, and to create a contemporary orchestral composition that was true to the music of Sir-Mix-A-Lot.” The performance featured some unique instruments including “an acoustic ‘Scratcher’ (made by scratching a credit card against a metal guiro, a ‘jackdaw’ (a friction drum that creates a frog like noise), bunches of bamboo cracking against the sides of drums, and various drums laden with chains and cymbals to create distorted drum and clap effects.” Undoubtedly the song was a hit as women danced on stage and the audience sang along. Check out the video below - Jump to the 2:25 mark if you want to skip the intro and get right into the song: