Oh man. Where do I start? I guess only fitting to start at the beginning. For me, with Imagine Dragons, the beginning is a humble little studio in Omaha, Nebraska at my previous station, in April of 2012. One of the first questions I asked the band was, fairly cliche, "what do you do in your downtime?" (You know when they aren't on stage or doing band stuff. They said, "We're....uh......makin music and listening to music......we're complete nerds". 

Me with the Dragons, Omaha, 4/2012

Well, I guess they're getting to do EXACTLY what they wanted cuz that's about all they have time for these days. Makin music. In fact, quietly behind the scenes the band ALMOST didn't get to the Xcel Energy Center on time! 3 flight delays left the band in Austin, TX (after performing with Coldplay at the iTunes Music Festival at SXSW) with no choice but to book a charter flight. That's how dedicated they are to not postponing or canceling shows. They arrived at the X at 8:33. Just enough time to take a breath, warm some vocals and hit the stage.

So, the night before the show I get a text from my pal, Michael Russo, Minnesota Wild beat writer, as he was wrapping up his work at the X the night before the show, the process was already in the works for the Imagine Dragons stage......pretty cool insight......this was less than 2 hours after the Wild game.

Ok, for a second I have to make this a little bit about me.....went to preshow dinner at Forepaugh's and got to try Beef Wellington for the first time in my life. Delicious!

NOW, for the show.......the set was largely the same from past shows I've seen, this was my 6th Imagine Dragons show, but that's where my complaints end. And, furthermore, what are they supposed to do? They have ONE album.  Ya know? Regardless of same set list, almost everyone I spoke to that was at the show or going to the show, had never seen them. SO......mission accomplished, they finally played in a big enough venue that everyone that wanted to, could see them, without having to pay a ton of money through scalpers and the like. 

The biggest thing I noticed is just how grateful Dan and the band were. I single out Dan cuz he does all the talkin. They do NOT take what they have for granted. And I hope it just keeps building. I can not WAIT to hear a new album and, more so, a new show. I think this was just the beginning for what could become one of THE best arena bands on the planet. 

Speaking of becoming the biggest arena band on the planet. I mentioned at the beginning of this that I first saw the band in April 2012 in front of about 100 people. Some bands, it's really cool to see them in that tiny venue, and the same can be said for Imagine Dragons, BUT I think they are one of those bands that just might end up being better in the arena setting. They and their songs are built for that. So excited for the future of this band. Enjoy a few more pics and get to the bottom for video I grabbed of the show! --Fletcher

Photo cred to Eric our super web geek

Photo cred to Ben Leber. Yep, the former Viking has great music taste. Dan's mad dash through the crowd, I think, during Top Of The World.

I grabbed this one, my favorite of the batch.

This at least gives you an idea of how incredible this band is.