You know the word "unique" gets thrown around a lot. Heck, I use it all the time when trying to describe music and the like. However, this film (and yes it's a film not just some movie.....well, based on the trailer at least)...anyway, this film is TRULY unique. 

Principal filming 2002. Now, it wasn't postponed or delayed. It simply took 12 years to film. This was the vision of the director, Richard Linklater. Tell a story of growing up, of childhood....of "Boyhood". And he used the same boy through all of those 12 years. This is NOT a documentary. This is an actual movie/ unprecedented movie/film, but in a way we're still seeing the actor, Ellar Coltrane, grow up. 

I'm so thankful this film is still in theaters, my understanding is it has been for awhile. This concept has NEVER been done before and I find it incredibly intriguing. Both the concept and the story itself.  Also, I've already heard Oscar talk. Adding to my intrigue. Thinking it might require some tissue though.