If you listen, follow the blog, Twitter or Instagram AT ALL you know I'm a big Minnesota sports fan. Especially hockey and baseball. (Oh and, yeah, I'm on Facebook but who cares about that steamy pile of website anymore?)

Well, baseball season is darn near upon us. I think we're a week away from the season opener!? I'm startin to get wound up about it either way. In my opinion, there aren't many better places to be in summer than at Target Field. It's just a good experience, even if the Twins aren't great (which the season could go that way again this year, although I'm hopeful they'll improve). 

Anyway, regardless of your level of interest in the Twins, everyone loves a good prank and this one is fantastic. The video sets it up pretty well, but Twins pitcher Mike Pelfrey gets got in this one. He's a Wichita St. alum and is asked to provide a motivational speech for the basketball team before they take the court in the March Madness. I know Pelfrey, he's actually a friend. SO, the second I saw this I knew it would be good. He's not a guy who's going to deliver a beautifully crafted, eloquent, Brian Oake like speech. He has a LOT of great traits that make him a really good person, but speaking is not one of them, so again, this is fantastic.