Dude was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Born with all the money he and his family could ever need to be comfortable and have the freedom to do whatever they want. Born a leader. In charge of an entire nation (sure that comes with stress). 

Overall though, I don't think we're talking about Kim Jong Un so much as a dude who's stressed out from work. I think we're talking about a psychopath, errr a sociopath, some sort of "path". Maybe all of the above?

Anyway, I think this video is kind of funny. Reminds me of a JibJab video my wifey would put together for whatever holiday it is. 

Besides, I thought they weren't even allowed access to the interwebs in North Korea anyway, how you watchin' this KJU?! I say, you take a deep breath, maybe go play some more basketball with Dennis Rodman and don't be so angry and everything that ever happens ever in the history of history.