I'm sure you've seen Jay Leno's heart felt goodbye where he definitely showed how much hosting The Tonight Show has meant to him over the years. If you haven't seen it, catch it here on the Oake & Keri page

However, in case you missed Jay passing the torch, essentially, to the next host, Jimmy Fallon. I happen to think he's going to absolutely crush this job. I'll even say when it's all said and done, he'll be the 2nd best host ever! Yes, I said it. Behind Carson of course. I was one of those who was bummed for Conan when he basically got shafted, but in retrospect, it just wasn't the right fit. Fallon is going to fit beautifully.

Anyway, check out Leno's interview with Fallon. It was pretty neat to see. 

Part one......

Annnnnnnd part two.....

To me, it's unreal how long the Tonight Show has been around. 60 years to be accurate. In case you were curious how many hosts there have been and who they are....... 

Steve Allen (1954–57)

Jack Paar (1957–62)

Johnny Carson (1962–92)

Jay Leno (1992–2009, 2010–14)

Conan O'Brien (2009–10)

Jimmy Fallon (2014–present)