File this one under "One Piece Of Good News". What an incredible story.

As many know, I've been there from the beginning when it comes to the Imagine Dragons. I was lucky enough to have the band in the studio with me in Omaha back in very early 2012. (Sidenote: Isn't it incredible it's only been 2 years? WOW). Well, stories like this, as a fan, really make me proud. 

The first song I ever heard was "It's Time" and it's still my favorite and it's not even close. A constantly smiling Utah kid named Tyler Robinson connected with the song too. Connected big time. In fact, the line from the song "the path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell". Tyler battled a rare form of cancer. And, by all accounts, did it with a smile and an unbelievable disposition. Tyler beat cancer. Then it, very suddenly, came back and, ultimately, took his life. 

This video lays out the cool story of how Tyler and Imagine Dragons got to know each other, what the band meant to him and his family and the good they're both trying to do since Tyler's passing.