I've become very much of a sport cynic, which makes me sad because I feel sports has done it to me. I used to be unabashed, unapologetic sports fan guy. Now I feel sports has become much like the rest of the world, all about bottom lines, money, greed and business. Rather than fun and games and, to a certain degree, winning. Because make NO mistake, sports is all about winning, BUT winning because it makes more money.

Now that attitude has even trickled down into youth sports. Not so much about money, but about winning, at all costs. That's NOT what it should be about. Especially in youth sports. It should be about learning life lessons, being together and having fun. Winning AND losing. We learn from losing. It's ok for our kids to lose. Enough of this giving medals and ribbons for 8th place. 

SO, all that said, this guy restores my faith a bit. He is David Belisle, obvious proud Coach of the Cumberland Americans Little League World Series team from Rhode Island. He absolutely NAILS it. He's nurturing togetherness, what's important and, even, that it's ok they lost. I love it. Got choked up towards the end.