These kinds of things NEVER tire on me. I married into a military family and I was raised around hockey. So, those two things coming together, along with the drama of it all.....couldn't resist sharing. Plus kind of cool to see this circulating throughout the entire NHL.

Grab the tissues and get ready for a tearjerker! A soldier from Crystal, Minnesota that had been stationed in Kuwait for 6 months showed up at last night’s Wild game to give his wife the surprise of a lifetime, and it was even on her birthday.

During the second period intermission, Jamie Jenn thought she was randomly selected to answer a trivia question about a Wild player on camera at the Excel Energy Center, and that’s when her husband, Nicholas Jenn, appeared on the jumbotron saying, “Firstly, happy birthday, Jamie—and secondly, turn around.” From there, a crowd of 18,000 fans gave the couple a standing ovation for their live, tearful reunion.

Nicholas initially planed the visit home to see his sick grandmother in the hospital, but from there it evolved into the ultimate surprise for his wife. "I felt like one of those people on TV from the 'Coming Home’ TV show," said Jamie. "I never expected anything like that, just really surprised and really happy."

The couple has a 3-year-old son together named Grayson, and after the extended visit Nicholas will head back overseas on March 25.