So, my guy, Matt Hires has a couple of things he wants you to have.....YES in FREEBIES! Get your mitts on his two albums, 'Take Us To The Start' and 'This World Won't Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend'! Get them below, simple as that!

Presumably, this is all build up to the release of Matt's new EP, 'Heartache Machine' which I've been lucky enough to preview. A very sincere, stripped down, straight forward collection of songs complete with heart-felt lyrics, the occasional hand claps and melodies you'll certainly want to sing a long with. At times I was reminded of a beloved artist Matt and I have in common, that being Elliott Smith. The title of the EP, which I think we all appreciate being easier to remember, pretty clearly states the message Matt is conveying. (I really dig 'No Starting Over') 

'Heartache Machine' will be available April 8th. 

You can pre-order Matt's new 'Heartache Machine' EP AND preview his new song 'I'm On Your Side' at »