Two artists that we love here at Cities 97 have brand new music to share. Being the purveyor and conduit of new music that I am, I decided on a new music double whammy. Hopefully it doesn't overload you! :)

First, let's dive into a bouncy little jam from Ingrid. She actually wrote up a cool little post about the song:

"Girls Chase Boys started out as a break up song but took on a deeper meaning as I continued writing. More than just being about my experience, its focus shifted to include the idea that, no matter who or how we love, we are all the same.

The video takes that idea one step further, and attempts to turn stereotypical gender roles on their head. Girls don't exclusively chase boys. We all know this! We all chase each other and in the end we are all chasing after the same thing: love. I hope you enjoy it! AHHH!" --Ingrid

O.A.R. also lent some words about their new release, not QUITE as lengthy, but here ya go:

"Our new single "Peace" is about you. It's about finding whatever it is inside each of us that holds that element of happiness."