Holy smokes.....if ya haven't ventured down to Dinkytown for breakfast/brunch at Al's Breakfast, you're cheating yourself. BIG TIME. I know I felt cheated up until today. So, yes, there are more reasons to go to Dinkytown than shows at the Varsity and to get mixed up in a riot. :) Al's was awesome. 

I was at Al's to have brunch with my pals, Brittany, Liz and Mike in Delta Rae. It's always a good time. As much as I think of these people as a band, I think even more of them as people. However, as a band, if you love good storytelling, unparalleled harmonies and a band who has and is doing it for all the right reasons, this is a band to get behind.

So, while we're chowing down unreal blueberry pancakes and me with my scrambled egg whites. There was some Eggs Benedict. Some bacon. Etc. The topic of a new album came up and it's very much in the works. I love that this band does things THEIR way as they are on this upcoming album, I can promise you that. No time table was given, but I'd guess before the year is finished. Then again, I don't know for sure. We were more fixated on eggs and pancakes. SO anxious.

Tonight (Or last night if you're reading this Friday), they're playing the Varsity Theater in front of a sold out crowd. BUT they almost didn't make it. They drove right through all the nastiness from Fargo to our Twin Cities in the midst of the borderline blizzard on Wednesday night. Skidding out of control at one point and having to call a tow truck in the middle of nowhere. The band said they were in the ditch a bit, swung in by the 1,500 LBS that are in the trailer they were towing, being narrowly missed by passing vehicles as they waited for the tow. Thankfully they made it, and sometimes these circumstances breed special shows. Looking forward to it. If you're missing this show, I'm hearing talk of them coming back in the semi-near future, but I don't know anything specific just yet.

Brunch at Al's Breakfast

As we wait for new music from Delta Rae.....enjoy this beast of a song......one of my faves.....live at the Bowery Ballroom