With YouTube as big and powerful as it is. It's sort of become a "thing" for bands to cover pop jams. It creates a buzz and gives you a chance to put your band in front of fans of other artists. Makes total sense to me. 

Well, I've loved Sleeper Agent for a few years, which I don't think is much of a secret, so I was more curious to hear THEM and what they'd do with someone else's song. In this case, Lorde. 

This vid even made me do a double take as it's about as quirky as it could be. That seems to make sense though. Let's face it. Lorde herself is quirky, so doing an offbeat cover of one of her songs just makes sense. THAT and I love it when bands I love challenge me with something I wouldn't have expected. I like it when they make me do a double take.

Enjoy this! Sleeper Agent's version of "Team".