Just like your wardrobe and closets at home, with the changing of the seasons, you need to swap out and refresh the music catalog. 

Here are 10 funtastic tracks that sound particulary good with the windows down! I'm leaving out Pearl Jam, Imagine Dragons and Walk Off The Earth cuz those 3 could pretty much each have their own Top 10 lists.

Cage The Elephant - "Around My Head"

Sleeper Agent - "Proper Taste"

Young The Giant - "My Body"

Rocco Deluca & The Burden - "Colorful"

The Strokes - "Juicebox"

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Weapon Of Choice"

Muse - "Knights Of Cydonia"

Rock Kills Kid - "Paralyzed"

The Raconteurs - "Salute Your Solution"

Divine Fits - "Would That Not Be Nice"

Ok.....if you're still scrolling down.....one surprise guilty pleasure bonus track