So, in an effort to make people care a bit more about the Emmy's, I don't think many do, they got Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul back together, which is ALWAYS a win.....complete derail of what I was going to talk about, why did Breaking Bad have to end? The feeling just overwhelmed me, just now, as I wrote "Cranston and Paul back together"....hell, they should still just be together. It's that simple. They work so perfectly. I know it's only a couple minutes long, but they pick up right where they left off in this short. In fact, I think this short proves they're just meant to work together, as they're playing two completely different characters yet it feels like they've worked together forever. They should start a show based on this short, or just anything.....together. Have I mentioned they should be together? Forever.

Anyway, I digress....they got Cranston and Paul back together along with Julia Louis-Dreyfus for a rip off of Pawn Stars to spoof at the Emmy's. 

Stay to the end!!! Trust me!!! It's SO worth it!!!