If you've heard this song on Cities97, well, then you're doing your job as a Cities listener. If you haven't......you probably should be listening more. :) 

I fell in love with this band, instantly, back in 2008. Then their second album kind of lost me a bit, but, so far, what I've heard off the new forthcoming album "Such Hot Blood" due in April.....I think they'll hook me again.

Here is the official video as well as a live performance on Letterman of the first single, "Timeless". Their sound has evolved a touch since album #1, but I think this time around for the better. They still sound like Airborne, but the mix and the arrangement seem just a touch different these days. If you dig lyrics.....pull up the lyrics for this song while you listen. SO good.

In an somewhat unrelated note, Airborne Toxic Event is hard to type. 

The Airborne Toxic Event - "Timeless"