Our pals in American Authors are really starting to gain some traction. (You, of course, have been hearing the song on Cities97). If you didn't know already, they're a Brooklyn based band that I've been braggin about for MONTHS. Now, they are based in Brooklyn, but the singer, Zach, is from Minnetonka. Yep, he's "one of us" so it's ok to like him and his partners in crime. 

We had them in Studio C so I can attest to how good they are live.....AND super good dudes as well. Check'em out here on Jay Leno from a few nights ago.

NOW for probably the most ridiculously adorable lyric video ever made.....check this out. It stars a bulldog the people promoting this video weren't smart enough to tell us the name of, so "Bully" will go nameless outside of the silly nickname I just gave him/her. (When I say people not smart enough, I don't mean the band....I'm talking about the media outlet and the shelters....like, duh, we wanna know the name of this pooch!)