Sleeper Agent hails from the hot bed of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Think I'm being facetious by calling it a hot bed? Ever heard of Cage The Elephant? Also, look up the bands Schools and Morning Teleportation. It's a hot bed kids. Bubbling under the surface like magma. 

Sleeper Agent blew me away back in 2011 with their debut 'Celebrasion'. That album was not only one of the best of the year that year, but one of my faves of the last decade. 

Here's one of the stand outs from 'Celebrasion'. "Love Blood". 

Sleeper Agent returns with their sophmore release, "About Last Night", on March 11th. If 'Celebrasion' was their raw, all over the place, carefree intro to the world, then 'About Last Night' is their coming out party. In a few words, I'd say it's: Refined. Focused. Consistent. Tight. Yet it still holds on to the carefree fun of the first album. I really think this band is poised to make some noise in 2014. Get on the bandwagon now friends!

Here's a little taste of the album

And, finally, here is the super cool lyric video for the lead single, "Waves". You can download it for FREE right here!