Dr. Allan Peterkin has made a career studying facial hair; writing books on the topic, being a brand ambassador for Dove Men+Care, and being a judge of the World Beard and Moustache Championships (To see more, click HERE).


According to Peterkin, how men keep their facial hair says something about their personalities.  Though, unlike women, Peterkin notes that men "can flip flop" their style quickly.  


"You can have a certain look now, but change it quickly.  Guys have many choices when it comes to person expression."  But whether you're sporting a full beard or prefer to keep it simple, Peterkin says daily cleansing and moisturizing is an absolute must.


Here are what five popular facial hairstyles say about men:



Details: The most popular facial hairstyle right now, mostly because "it looks good on almost all faces."  It's pretty much the best of both worlds, because you're neither bearded nor shaven.  But this hairstyle requires some upkeep.  Peterkin advises men to "keep the upper margins tidy, and use an electric clipper to maintain a uniform length."


What it says about you: You follow the trends and like to be in the know.



Details: Historically speaking, mustaches have been most commonly associated with "fops, foreigners, and fiends," but that is no longer the case.  This style originated from other parts of the world but American men eventually adopted the trend and made it their own.  Most notably, this facial hairstyle was popular in the 70s.


What it says about you: You don't care (as much) about what others think of you, you're a little provocative and a little defiant.



Details: Well-groomed beards are an attractive option for many men and convey a classic masculinity.  Most who sport beards consider them a part of their identify, "almost like another limb." In places such as Saudi Arabia - where men are all expected to have facial hair - men will spend a lot of money on beard transplants.


What it says about you: Not one for showing off, you are quietly confident. 



Details: A "final frontier" in the world of facial fuzz, and a hairstyle popular among the Duck Dynasty and Swamp People crowd.  It's a pretty bold form of self-expression, and for many, the bigger the beard, the better.


What it says about you: You're a rule-breaking free spirit, and you expect to be asked about your trophy beard.



Details: According to Peterkin, facail hair trends cycle every 20 years, and if he's right, this means that the smooth faces will be trending again.  "I think facial hair is losing its impact.  So many people are doing it that it's a new norm."


What it says about you: You prefer a classic look and don't have any issues with conformity.  You'd rather not stick out.


Just for fun, here's a BuzzFeed Video on why every man should have a beard: