Our jaws dropped this morning seeing this story about a pregnant police officer being told she must keep working in the field, or not be paid. The officer is now suing the police department she works for.

Kentucky police officer Lyndi Trischler, who has been an office in Florence, KY for 2 1/2 years, was told that due to a new policy, she will have to continue working in the field or accept not being paid.

With her first pregnancy last year, Lyndi was allowed to take a desk job. But due to a new policy, Lyndi will have to keep working, even though she is now nearly 8 months pregnant.

The new policy states that the Florence Police Department "will no longer allow modified or light duty for non-work related injuries, illness or other conditions."

At five months pregnant, Lyndi's policing duties became more difficult.

"As I got larger, my stomach got larger, it was really painful on my abdomen," Lyndi told CBS News. "We have to wear bullet proof vests. It was really restrictive and I had a really hard time breathing."

Lyndi's coworkers have stepped up and donated about 160 hours of their own personal paid time off. This helps immensely, but it will run out in 4 weeks.

"It's already stressful being pregnant and on top of that I am worrying about insurance and how I am going to pay my bills," she told CBS News.