We had a great time at Date For Life and we are so happy we could help out with such a great fund raiser. If you get a chance to do it next year, don't hesitate. 

Keri and Min got to the venue around 5:30 and prepared for doors to open. All the volunteers gathered for a meeting, took photos, and geared up for the big night! 

Keri was easily one of the best promoters there! She hopped around from table to table showcasing Min's music filled date package. In fact, it only took a few minutes to get their first bid! 

They later introduced all the amazing bachelors and bachelorettes and everyone just mingled. The vibe was great, there was a bunch of love in the air, and money was being raised for such a solid cause. 

In the end Winona won Min's date package. She put off such a positive energy, smiled the entire time, and was so generous with her time and money. Congrats and thank you, Winona! 

Winona is on the left, and nice smile Min.