Wow. Seeing ZZ Ward was awesome. The whole day was great.

I started by seeing ZZ in Studio C. If you haven't been in a Studio C, it's a small and intimate performance room. It's very up close and personal. First her band walked out. They just had this cool look about them. Then ZZ came out. Short girl and super cute. Her first song was her big hit. Honestly, she seemed very timid. I felt like you could tell by her voice. It didn't come out loud and powerful. But, by the end of the session, she seemed to have gotten comfortable. She was having the audience clap along and was at the point where she wanted to get up out of her seat to sing.

Later, I went to the concert at the Varsity theater. What a neat place! It was my first time there and I was impressed. The interior architecture made me feel like I was in this fancy jungle. It was cool. So Martin Harley was ZZ's opener. This guy was solid blues. Man was he good. He was up there doing a solo act and killing it. I highly recommend checking out his music because I know I will. Then on to ZZ Ward. Again, her band came out with their cool swagger to set the tone for her. She was not timid on stage. She came out strong and ended strong. I think she must really feed off her crowd. She was very entertaining by playing the guitar, piano and the harmonica. That girl can destroy that harmonica (in a good way). By the end of the show, everyone around me was saying how big she's going to get. With that unique sound, I believe she's not going anywhere but up.

Go ZZ Ward!