In Minnesota, the summer can send you into a frenzy as you try to soak up every sun filled moment you can. If you’re anything like me, this frenzy can cause a few things to go by the wayside and before you know it, you’ve forgotten something important. Here’s a few apps and gadgets that do the remembering for you so you can focus on what’s important: SUMMER SUN.


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Tile is a brand new company that wants to make sure you never lose anything again. Attach their little plastic square to your keys or drop it in your purse and their app will help you locate it where it is. Tile is working on their next wave of distribution, and you can pre-order here:



Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App

It looks low tech, but this app is amazing for helping you avoid a painful sunburn. It combines your skin type and the power of sunscreen you’ve applied with real time UV index info to tell you how much time you can stay in the sun without burning.

It even tells you how much faster your forearms will burn versus your nose.



Aros Air Conditioner

The company, Quirky, designed the first smart phone enabled window unit air conditioner. Aros uses your preset settings like budget and schedule with the weather report to cool your house the way you like it. Plus, it can be controlled from your phone so you can set it cooling before you even leave the office.


Beam Toothbrush

Did you forget to brush your teeth? One too many cavities this year? This little toothbrush will track your toothbrushing habits, send you reminders, and even communicate your tooth data to your dentist.




MindRDR is the first app to control Google Glass AND IT CONROLS IT WITH YOUR MIND. It literally senses your thoughts and acts on your commands to make Google Glass do whatever you’d like. The technology is still new and you can read more about it here:



Never forget where your car is at a festival or at the airport. This app will let you set your time limit and the section, row and number of your parking spot. And when the festival is over, the app will help you walk right back.


Drop Pin


If you have an iPhone and you’re not already using dropped pins, it’s time to get on it. Open your Maps application and simply hold your finger to the map where you are. Tap the pin and you can send it to anyone over a text message. Use it when you need a ride or to let someone know where you want to meet them later. Use pins when you can’t find your friends at a festival or when you want to go back later to that booth that’s selling those pretty mugs. Here are a few more tips for using Maps: