We tried our best on the Morning Show to keep this a secret, but I had a chance to fly out and rock out at Coachella over the weekend. I am drained right now and I need to catch up on my sleep, but it was an amazing trip!

There is a story behind that hat. As you probably know, Coachella is out in a desert in California. It gets hot and sunny, so I thought I needed a hat. I wore it for about 8 minutes when I realized I looked ridiculous, so it came off and I took on Coachella like a man. 

Then I only got to check out my favorite band The Queens Of The Stone Age. 

The Pixies! I mean, look at that picture! You needed to be there. 

How about that lineup?

 Oh, and there were people. Lots and lots of people. 

I am ready to re-charge my battery, but what an amazing time! Thank you Coachella!