31-year-old Misty Copeland became the first African American female soloist for the American Ballet Theatre in 2007... despite being rejected from a ballet company when she was 13. Well, Copeland is taking that rejection letter all the way to the bank with her new Under Armour ad campaign. 

Under Armour is trying to rebrand itself as a brand fit for women doing any athletic activity from soccer to ballet in an attempt to pull buyers from brands such as Lululemon and Nike. In order to do this, Under Armour has started their "I Will What I Want" campaign featuring powerful female athletes, including Copeland.

Other members of the "Women of Will" include skier Lindsay Vonn, tennis player Sloane Stevens, soccer player Kelley O'Hara, and surfer Brianna Cope. But I think it's safe to say Misty is leading this campaign. 

Copeland's ad has gained so much attention so quickly. And it makes sense. Check out some of her print ads... seriously?

Wait. Let's all just take a minute to gawk at this woman a little more. 

Ok. Sorry to delay the greatness. Check out the Under Armour commercial.