Adam Levine is known for many things! Lead singer of Maroon 5, judge on "The Voice" PLUS his history of dating supermodels. Still many seem to think he is a D-bag! Of course Adam Levine spent some time asking himself whether or not Adam Levine was a D-bag LOL.

Adam has decided that he's not a D-bag and he told GQ magazine, "Would it be really easy to assume that I was a [d-bag]? Definitely. One hundred percent. But that doesn't mean that I am. Or maybe I am, I don't know. [I want] to find out, once and for all, definitively, whether or not I'm a [d-bag]."

"I'm not arrogant. I'm cocky. It's different. Cocky is playful... I'm confident. Some people don't like confidence. They resent confidence. I'm not the easiest person to love right off the bat, you know. If I knew everyone in the world, they would love me. Every single last [bleeping] one of them."



People who replied to GQ's tweet agreed, it is really easy to assume he is a d-bag. 

What do you think? Cocky or D-Bag?

Source: GQ