Sorry to bring you down on a Monday, and a rainy Monday at that. I shared this on my Facebook last week, but I couldn't not share this on my Cities blog too. I just want to make sure people were aware of this story. All of my favorite artists have this common philosophy that story tellers have a duty to raise awareness and make sure people feel sympathy.

This story came out last week of a man kicking a squirrel off the Grand Canyon. Now, I understand that some people might react with a simple, “But it’s only a squirrel”, but I am not of that mindset. It’s a shameful and pathetic act and I only wish the man will face his penalty. But he won’t. They are having a difficult time tracking the man down, and it’ll be very difficult under the current law that requires people to find the injured or dead animal to visually prove that harm was done. We are a rotten species at times.