This Grey Poupon ad has racked up nearly 3 million views on YouTube so far!

After the K-Mart 'Ship My Pants' ad made it OK for brands to make poop jokes, a lot of folks probably thought this 'Banned' ad for Grey Poupon was a real deal effort from Kraft Foods...hate to break it to you, but it's not. The ad was put together by two comedians, Jessica Sattelberger and Adam Grimes who run the YouTube channel 'OBVS - Online Broadcast Virtual Station'.

The company behind the iconic mustard brand isn't shying away from the fake ad as much as you'd expect, telling ABC News, "We're not surprised that people may have some fun with an iconic and loved brand like Grey Poupon. But of course, we didn’t produce or approve this video." What Kraft is really trying to say with that safe response is that they are delighted that anybody is talking about Grey Poupon, even if it means they are the punchline for a poop joke.