The latest single off Frank Turner's "Tape Deck Heart" is "Oh Brother" and it's a song that is a perfect fit in my life right now. I haven't seen my best friend for months, and not because we have differences, or are drifting apart or anything of that sort. We just live 2 different lives, but we know that distance and time aren't major obstacles. I talked to my friend last week and we are actually getting together this week. 

Frank Turner's "Oh Brother" is a song about a platonic love and you will see just that in the music video. Before checking the video out, read what Frank Turner had to say about the song and video:

"Greetings, people of earth (ish). It's with great pleasure that I can announce that the next single from 'Tape Deck Heart' will be 'Oh Brother'.
It's a song I wrote about my old buddy Ben Dawson, who played drums for Million Dead (and a bunch of other preceding punk bands, but lets not talk about them). He's also now in Mongol Horde with me.
I guess it's a song about friendship, about platonic love, something soppy like that. Basically, Ben is a good dude and if you run into him in the pub you should totally buy him a drink.
Ben also did me the honour of appearing in the video with me. Actually it was a lot of fun to shoot this; I got to take the piss out of his work shirt and ironing skills, he got to call me names because I was ignoring him in the pub, and then we both did drunk "acting" (ahem) afterwards, which ended with drum-kit sustained bruises.
We also reveal that we really do have each other's initials tattooed on our legs, like the responsible, upstanding adults that we are. Check it out, hope you like it."