We started playing Paramore recently which has me very excited. I've been doing these Throw Back Thursday shares lately and hearing Paramore made me want to reach back into my my pop-punk arsenal. Some of the first bands I was introduced to in the pop-punk genre were New Found Glory, The Starting Line, and Something Corporate. Those bands were probably a generation before the band Boys Like Girls. Why I chose Boys Like Girls out of all these bands is unknown and completely arbitrary. 

Boys Like Girls are from Massachusetts and formed back in 2005. They aren't very active these days, but I don't think I ever saw any news about them breaking up. "The Great Escape" is probably the song that helped them breakthrough. 

I didn't go super deep on Boys Like Girls, but they were a relevant band in the scene. My musical tastes were venturing into heavier music as bands like Boys Like Girls and All Time Low were springing up in the pop-punk world. They did have a handful of songs that did make some of my playlists and "Thunder" was one of them.