I'm not a big SNL guy, but when Andy Samberg puts out these SNL Digital Shorts it is pure genius. Now I know almost nothing about the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) world. I know the names of a couple of the major DJs and I know Skrillex only because he fronted an emo band that was well known in the emo punk-rock scene. But I think my lack of knowledge on EDM culture makes this video funnier. Because when you're on the outside looking in, this is exactly what it looks like. 

I do sometimes wonder what the DJ is doing up there. Now my question has been answered. Frying eggs, playing Jenga, and doodling pictures. It makes so much sense. Oh, and Lil' Jon is so happening right now! 

Then someone also sent me this video. It's also pretty funny. I'm sure these DJs are all very talented. I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to composing EDM music. But still, it's all very funny when not taken too seriously.