People were a little surprised when we announced that Panic! At The Disco were coming to the Basilica Block Party. Heck, I was too, but pleasantly surprised. I don't go super-duper deep into Panic!, but they were a major band in the scene I grew up in so I know a bunch of their songs. Their latest album "Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die" is actually quite good. It's an album I listened to all the way through many, many times.

Since they are going to be at the Block Party tomorrow, I felt it was appropriate to share one of their songs. This is a unique piano version of their tune "This Is Gospel". They will likely play it tomorrow, and I hope it's not the piano version. My hope is that we will open up the first ever Basilica Block Party circle pit. If one does open up, you can bet I will be in the middle of it.