I love Wikipedia. It is such a great resource to learn new things. I also love that there aren't any annoying advertisements and that it's updated as soon as we want it to be. 

However, because it is an encyclopedia for the people by the people, we sometimes run into some trouble. We also make a lot of revisions to the 33 million pages on Wikipedia. Recently I found a list of the most edited pages. Check them out.

#1 - George W. Bush. 

#2 - List Of WWE Personnel. 

#3 - United States. 

#4 - Michael Jackson. 

#5 - Jesus. 

#6 - List Of Total Drama Characters (What?!) 

#7 - Catholic Church.

#8 - Barack Obama.

#9 - Adolf Hitler.

#10 - Britney Spears. 


Source: Alternative Press