I've been a Jonah Hill fan for a while. My friends and I grew up on that sort of humor (Judd Apatow and crew). I remember seeing him in The 40 Year Old Virgin where he only had one short scene and now he is a two time Oscar nominated dramatic actor. 

He hosted Saturday Night Live for his 3rd time and he brought his Wolf Of Wall Street co-star Leo DiCaprio with him. You remember that one movie Titanic? Well, get ready to feel nostalgic. 

Speaking of The Wolf Of Wallstreet. The movie is up for an Oscar in the Best Picture category but Jonah Hill is also nominated for Best Supporting Actor. And recently Hill revealed that he worked for 7 months on that movie for only $60,000. Now that sort of seems like a ridiculous thing to say, "Only $60,000", but by Hollywood standards that's almost free. One of Hill's dreams is to work with director Martin Scorsese, so he would've worked for any amount. I think it's super cool to see someone who is established in Hollywood do that.