I thought I was going to get away with not having to pour a bucket of ice water on me. If you have spent any time on the Internet over the last few weeks you have probably seen something on this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It's a viral fund raising project where you have cold water dumped on you and then you challenge 3 other people to do the same. It will hopefully raise money the ALS ASSOCIATIONA bunch of people have already done it. For example, LeBron James did it recently. 

Conan O'Brien did it as well. 

And recently, local singer-songwriter, model, and pal of mine Jamison Murphy did it. 

Mad props to my guy for doing that, but then he followed up by doing something very, very, very stupid. He nominated me, Keri, and Oake to complete the challenge. Why would you do that? I thought we were friends. Now we are on the hook, and we'll look like sell-outs if we don't do it. 

So, look for our videos tomorrow morning. 

Thanks Jamison. Thanks a lot.