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How Do You Feel About Cell Phones At Concerts?

How Do You Feel About Cell Phones At Concerts?
Posted August 14th, 2014 @ 8:08am

A band that I am a big fan of has been getting a lot of attention lately because they are embarking on their final tour ever. ANBERLIN have been a touring and recording band for 12 years now, but informed us at the beginning of the year that this would be their last. I have followed them closely for the last 10. 

Because of this news, they have been in all sorts of interviews. This last one I found interesting and thought I would throw it out there. Frontman, Stephen Christian, discusses cellphones at shows. 

What do you think? Is Stephen old school and wrong? Should we be of the mindset that it's the digital age and everything needs to be documented? I actually agree with Stephen and my Instagram account is proof. I like to throw up something quickly to show that I am at a concert and maybe help expose people to new music. After that, I am way too busy being a part of the crowd to think about my phone. 

If you have time on the 20th of October you should head over to the Varsity Theater. That is when Anberlin's final Minnesota show happens. Rumor has it they will play a 2 hour set. I purchased my tickets before they went on sale and it should be an emotional night for all. 

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