It is a crazy world out there. You might be having the best time of your life one moment, only to have everything completely flipped around an instant later. One thing that has stuck with me my entire life is music and I know that is true for many others. I've been told by many inspirational artists that artists have a duty to comment on, enhance, and play a major role in society. 

Ed Sheeran was in town recently and it reminded a lot of us how talented that dude is. A lot of us are craving new stuff from him, and last I heard he had over 70 songs in his repertoire, but it'll be a little bit until we hear any of that new material. 

Sheeran did this cover of Bob Dylan's "Masters Of War". It was a song Dylan wrote in response to the Cold War. I thought it was a timely song to listen to and a good excuse to listen to Sheeran.