I might be the most music focused blog on Cities97.com. Mostly because I'm not as cool as some of the other DJs. Keri has so many cool lifestyle blogs. Fletcher's humor always shines through his posts, but I will gladly adopt the music role. 

It's been a while since I've been this excited to share new music with you. I remember when the new Reign Of Kindo album came out last summer I was super excited, but I had been waiting for that album a long, long time. Now, I won't have a whole lot of insight on Meg Myers because I, too, have only discovered her. I was randomly checking out new music over the weekend and out of all the links and names I could have clicked on, I clicked on Meg Myers. Why? I don't know. Just random luck. 

But I stumbled across this music video and I fell in love. Before we check it out, allow me to preface that there is an f-bomb in the lyrics. Those who are sensitive to language might want to avoid this.

I loved the music video. The aesthetics, the carpet, the VHS tapes, the lamps, the TV, the pace of the video, the effects and the vibe (dark, creepy, curious, slow). But the song is great too! I love that she is this fearless female singer-songwriter and has crafted this damaged song to share what must've been a damaged portion of her life. 

Now if you can handle more hurt and more emotion, check out her previous single. 

"Desire" caught my interest so I had to do some more research but after I checked out "Heart Heart Head" I knew I was a fan. I immediately took to my Facebook page and shared the video and song and wrote this: 

"I'm freaking out a little bit right now!! If you have 4 minutes, check this out!! 

Art is powerful, entertaining, beautiful, and many other things, but it is purely subjective. And because of that, I think it's even more special when we stumble across a piece of work that resonates so deep, that is so moving, that raises goosebumps, and that you can connect with. 
That is what is happening here for me with Meg Myers. I love checking out new music and it was only by chance that I clicked her name out of all the links on my screen. The universe was watching over me today. 

Not much needs to be said about the video. A beautifully shot, fantastic looking video to companion the song. I love the shot at 3:23. Captures a lot of pain. 
But the song is brilliant! It starts with this whimper and a cry of desperation, but swells into this epic (Yes, I'm dropping the word epic, so pay attention) conclusion (starting at 3:13)! A F-off-and-die that is screamed at the top of her lungs until everyone in the world can hear it. This song is so damaged, it has been used and abused and cut so deep, and I love it. 

I may or may not be in love."

Needless to say, I am ready for her EP to come out in February and fingers crossed she comes to Minneapolis soon.