Have you ever wanted to ask a Cities 97 personality a question, but never thought your question would be seen or just never found to the time to contact us? I want to make a weekly video where we take a few of your questions and answer them with a video response. I asked my co-workers last week and they all agreed to it so I guess at this point I just need some questions! 

I'll take some questions this week, ask my co-workers on Thursday, and then hopefully have a video for you guys early next week. Cool?

Send me your questions on Twitter @MinLee2, on Facebook at Facebook.com/MinLee97, or you can just e-mail them to me at MinLee@ClearChannel.com. Heck, send it to my Instagram if you want! @MinLee97 on Instagram. Direct your questions to Brian Oake, Keri Noble, Paul Fletcher, Min Lee, or Naima

If you want to send your questions as a video file, I can add you asking the question right into the video. If you want to attatch a picture, that'll work too! 

It can be about anything. I'm pretty sure between Brian Oake and I we have the answer to every question on this planet. If it's something I can't answer, Brian can. 

Here is an example of what the video might look and feel like. 

Ask Oake! // 06.03.2010 // Maynard's from Cities 97 Radio on Vimeo.