Walk Off The Earth's track 'Red Hands' is just one of over thirty Studio C performances that make up this year's 25th Anniversary, double-disc edition of the Cities 97 Sampler. We hope you'll remember to support the artists that support the Sampler; without their generous track donations, the Cities 97 Sampler project would not exist. These artists don't see a cent from the sale of the Sampler yet, year after year, dozens of artists give up their royalties so that we may use their music to better the Twin Cities through charity + giving.

The money the Sampler generates feeds the hungry, protects the abused, and counsels those struggling mentally and physically. It empowers and comforts our children, military families, and seniors. Collections of music can be downloaded from the internet with just a click, but the Cities 97 Sampler, concealed in old technology, is more than just a collection of music; It's a collection of music that literally changes lives for the better.