What is the release date for Cities Sampler Volume 25?
Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 8am. The only exception is the Nicollet Mall store in Downtown Minneapolis which opens an hour earlier at 7am.

Where can I purchase Cities Sampler Volume 25?
Exclusively at Metro Area Target stores. We will release a full store list as soon as it is available.


Is there a purchase limit?
Yes, there is a limit of 2 Samplers per person.

How many copies of Cities Sampler Volume 25 will be released?

You released a two-disc Sampler for Volume 20, any plans to do another multi-disc release?
Yes! This year's 25th Anniversary Sampler will be 2 discs and will feature over 30 tracks!

Where does the money go?
100% of the proceeds benefit a wide range of local charities - Click here for a list of last year's recipients.

How much money has the Cities Sampler raised?
Since the debut of Cities Sampler Volume 1 in 1989, we have raised over $10,300,000 for local charities. If Sampler 25 sells out, it will raise an additional $1,240,000 bringing our lifetime Sampler total to near $11,600,000!

Why don't you sell more copies?
Publishing and label gratis licensing restrictions for charity CD projects prevent us from pressing more. We would love to be able to sell more - the demand is there - but legally, we can't. We will continue to push for more every year.

Why don't you make it available for download on iTunes or another provider?
The licensing for downloads is a whole different process. Most labels will not sign off on doing downloads or even discuss it but we're hopeful that, in the future, this will change. Even if we were able to get a few to okay it, we would not be able to offer the entire tracklist therefore the compilation would be incomplete.

How can I get a copy after it sells out?
Following notification of a sell-out, we will hold online auctions where all proceeds go to our charities...not for profit. We also hold a few CDs for on-air giveaways and for charity fundraising throughout the year.

Where can I purchase previously released Cities Samplers?
Unfortunately, once they're gone, they're gone. Some listeners have had success finding copies in used-record bins, Craigslist or on eBay...buyer beware is all we can say - We have seen instances of early volumes (namely volumes 1 through 4) being duplicated without authorization and sold on the second-hand market as genuine originals.

I want them all! Have you ever thought about releasing a box-set with all the volumes?
We have! To celebrate the release of Cities Sampler Volume 15, we produced a small run of leather-bound box-sets that included Volumes 1 - 15. They were given away on-air but were never made available to purchase.

I have a Cities 97 New Music, New Names CD. Is that the same as a Cities Sampler?
The New Music, New Names discs were a yearly release that we give away at some of our station events as prizes. It wasn't available for purchase in stores and did not contain any Studio C performances. It was, however, a really great mix of new music from Cities 97 artists.

I have a Cities Sampler question that isn't answered on this page?
We'd love to help you out! Visit our Questions / Comments page and send it in.